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A Strong Immune System

Strengthening your personal immune response helps to flatten the curve. The stronger your immune system, the less likely you are to have complications from viral infections.

WHO Instructs General Public to Prioritise Personal Health

A strong immune system and healthy body is your internal physical line of defence against COVID-19. On March 20th, WHO Director General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, urged all citizens to ‘prioritise your personal health to fight COVID-19

Protecting yourself, supporting your overall health and improving your immune function are the immediate impactful actions you can take, and is part of our individual social responsibility, to help flatten the curve against COVID-19 and prevent future disruptive outbreaks.

How Can You Strengthen the Health of Your Immune System?


Educate yourself from credible, reliable information sources regarding the latest in a personalised approach to immune improvement and fortification:


Access doctor-endorsed Public Service Announcement Campaigns, including immune strengthening protocols designed for easy at-home integration:


Meet medical support and health communities virtually; for 1:1 care, focus groups or peer to peer connection services, designed to meet the social connection needs of each individual:

Get Informed. Be Proactive. Take Action.

Medical Experts at the forefront of COVID-19 have reported:

  • There are 2 reported strains of COVID-19, L & S, with seemingly more severe symptoms coming from infection of the S strain
  • Factors that increase the susceptibility of infection include:
    • Advanced age (male and females susceptibility changes from country to country)
    • Signs of sepsis
    • High blood pressure, diabetes
    • Immune-suppressed individuals
    • Prolonged use of non-invasive ventilation, prolonged use of non-invasive ventilation
    • Patients with co-morbidities such as hypertension, COPD
    • Patients with chronic inflammatory conditions
    • Oxidative stress (causes inflammation)
  • Young and healthy individuals may experience a range from mild to severe symptoms, however even in the absence of severe symptoms, young individuals can be carriers of the virus.

Experts Are Now Recommending "Health at Home"

As the public is being cautioned to stay at home, health experts are now suggesting the use of digital health technology as the first line of action to assist in strengthen your immune system:

  • Minimise fear and confusion by quickly distributing credible, reliable information on the current status of COVID-19.
  • Empower the public in daily decision-making with credible, simple and practical guidance on immunity-strengthening activities.
  • Provide the connected world access to the digital immune strengthening protocol personalised and precise for each individual user.
  • Facilitate social connections and minimise the mental and physiological effects of social distance and isolation.

Global personalised health authority, ph360, is using technology to build an informed Public Health Service Awareness Campaign, “Health@Home Global Summit” to address solutions for COVID-19 -related restrictions on daily activities that may impact an individuals health.

ph360 Partnerships & Collaborations

Global Committment

Evidence-based, proactive, preventative solutions are being put in place around the world right now through the global ph360 Health Professional Community. Whether you are a health professional or member of the general public, join and share the “Health@Home Global Summit” Public Health Awareness Campaign, launching April 7th on World Health Day. 

Uniting the world from a place of strength.