Why Australians Deserve Personalised Health

Meeting Critical Needs of Loved Ones

Australians deserve effective health solutions

Amidst the current health pandemic, Australia still faces its existing and serious health concerns. The biggest non-communicable disease killers include heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Currently 1.7 million Australians suffer from diabetes [227], 1.2 million from heart disease, and 12.5 million are considered overweight or obese. [228,229]

Lifestyle Programs tailored specifically to the individual have been scientifically studied to consider their effectiveness upon reducing signs and symptoms related to chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Recent studies have indicated that personalised health protocols demonstrated not just improvements, but reversal of reported signs and symptoms associated with heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

From the results of these studies, the Australian population deserves the right to access accurate and practical solutions when they choose to be healthy.

Behaviours changed

These personalised health studies also noted positive behavioural change. The experts correlated personal health improvements with such health-positive behaviours as reduction in alcohol intake, cessation of smoking, and improvements in most self-reported wellness variables such as sleep, stress and digestion, were also reported.

The 5 Pillars of Personalised Healthcare

Predictive: Identifying an individual’s risks of developing certain diseases based on their genetic profile, family history, and other relevant information.

Preventive: Protocols applied to avoid, reduce, and monitor the risk of developing certain diseases.

Personalised: Clinical interventions based on the unique genetic, medical, and environmental characteristics of each recipient, and the genomic profile of his/her diseases.

Participatory: Individuals fully engaged and actively involved in their personal health management.

Promoted: Individuals are encouraged to communicate their Personalised Health needs and experiences, at their own discretion, to their support network and beyond to advance and elevate awareness of this effective person-centric approach


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