The Global Immune Booster!

FREE 10 Day “Global Immune Booster” Challenge, Starts Sunday, April 5th

Greetings to the Corporate Body of Christ

My name is Randy Graetz from ph360, a global preventative health technology organization, with a message of hope and a request for your help. You have received this short video because of the critical and unprecedented time we are experiencing globally together with COVID-19.

ph360 has access to an immune strengthening protocol developed by medical experts on the front-lines of COVID-19 efforts in the world’s current epicentre of Italy. ph360 Chief Medical Officer, Dr Garoli, is leading a global emergency task-force to find a cure for the virus and his urgent recommendation is for each person to create a health shield against COVID-19 by strengthening our own immune systems.

Personalized Immune Protocol

In response, ph360 has been re-coding it’s entire digital health platform with over 500 algorithms and 10,000 data points creating a 100% personalized immunity booster for each unique individual on the planet at no charge. This fits with the ph360 teams’ mission to end chronic pain and disease on the planet by 2050.

FREE 10 Day “Global Immune Booster” Challenge

Available to all members of the Corporate Body of Christ

Starts - Sunday, April 5th

10-Day Immune Strengthening Protocol for Everyone

This is for anyone and everyone from any nation, so that we can join together as a global community in fighting COVID-19 in a spirit of generosity and hope. These immune strengthening protocols supplement essential WHO and CDC guidelines.

We need your help! We have a very short window to share this good news with the world. As the Corporate Body of Christ, which my family belongs to, we have the incredible networks and social relationships to get this into nearly every home globally.

Together, we can create a health shield for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Steps to Take

Register at here for your FREE 10-day “Immune Booster” protocol with step-by-step guidance to help prevent and protect against COVID-19.
Share this video with people in your family, community, and through your extended faith networks
Share the message below via text or on your social media platforms and help spread the word across the globe. It is free for anyone on the planet.

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Share about your personal Immune Boosting activities with your communities to inspire them. Share the credible, reliable information from ph360, WHO, CDC, & other reputable sources.

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