The Immunity Community

We’re here for YOU!

Your Healthy Social Life

There’s nothing like walking into a room of friends who get you. Who understand you. Who care about your health, and theirs.

In the online Immunity Community, you can instantly connect with others who are on their journey to a strong and fortified immune system. Sharing inspiration, motivation, fun ideas,  and always a few laughs along the way to brighten our days.

Who’s in the community?

Everyone from those new to the neighbourhood, to experienced members (whom ph360 refers to as “ph-amily”), and plenty of qualified Health Coaches, Supporters, and Cheerleaders to offer guidance, support, inspiration, and more!

A Social Life that is Healthy for YOU

Be actively engaged, a silent observer or anything in-between. We all have unique social preferences and our focus is on a healthy social life – however that looks and feels right for you!

What are you waiting for?

Hop in the online Immunity Community today to connect with like-minded, friendly folks, who are keen to strengthen their immune levels while flexing those social muscles from home.

Specialist Support

Do you require or are you looking for medical or health specialist support? ph360 has a network of over 600 Health care Professionals trained in personalised health, and ready to help you! Contact us for bookings.